The Driving Experience day

with the "Earl of Eldon"

(Approximately 8 hours) Usually held on a Wednesday and Thursday.

A full day’s experience will take us out and into the country where we will stop for refreshments at a local pub or cafe where we can also top the engine up with water if needed.

After our stop we will head back to the farm taking in more views of the spectacular countryside. We will complete the day by parking up the engine at the farm, pushing through its fire and “putting it to bed.” The whole experience will last approximately 8 hours.

Clients will be provided with suitable clothing and a complimentary flat cap and badge to keep as a memento of the day.

We will travel with a covered trailer and close family members are welcome to join us, at no cost, as long as children are accompanied by an adult. Dates will be arranged by mutual consent usually either falling on a Wednesday or a Thursday but we will endeavor to be flexible to allow for the weather.

Sorry we no longer offer the half day experiences.

The Day...

The Full Experience...


Safety Briefing and lighting up the engine.

Breakfast is cooked in the traditional living wagon for participant ands their guests at no extra cost.
Oil up the engine and clean brass while the engine raises steam.

Instruction on how to steer and drive the engine around the farm yard.

When confident, out on the road heading to our next destination a pub or cafe for a lunch stop. 
Stop for lunch and fill up the engine with water if required. 

Return through more testing and spectacular countryside.

Putting the engine to bed.

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